What is global mahaparayan

Om Sai Ram.

Aatma Namaste – to you, the reader. If you are here wondering what Mahaprayan is, then believe me when I say this – You are here for a reason. Believe that Shirdi Sai Baba has chosen you to be a part of Mahaparayan, and your life will not be the same again. Baba’s energy is something that healers and believers experience even today. He is a miracle Himself, and no words are worthy enough of His praise.

I still remember Sunday 25th June 2017 very well. It will always be a date, I will cherish in my entire lifetime. That was the day when Baba finally came into my dreams and gave orders to start MAHAPARAYAN on a Global Level. Mahaparayan is the journey of discovering your bond with Sai Baba of Shirdi. Mahaparayan is like a Mahayagna that Baba Himself started during Pre the Centenary Year Preparations. In this Baba has decided to burn the sins, avarice, and troubles and make the world a better place to love and live in. So let’s be active attendants of this Maha Yagna and try to be instrumental for it to go on by offering our little service which may actually touch so many lives! Since Mahaparyan started so many amazing unbelievable miracles have taken place with respect to jobs, health, finances, relationships, pregnancy, wish fulfillment, and a lot more. What we started with just 48 members locally has now reached lakhs of devotees from so many countries covering all 5 continents (Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia) and with Baba’s grace would soon reach crores of devotees (604,66,176 devotees) as shown by Baba.

As part of this journey, devotees from all over the world read just two allotted chapters from Sai Satcharitra every Thursday from one Dasherra (AKA VijayaDashmi) to the next Dusherra. Thus, in a year with lakhs of devotees globally scattered, lakhs of parayans are done globally, with each devotee offering 108 parayans individually to Baba! 

You must be wondering how this is even possible. I know the simple process has made you curious, and you are already interested to know about Mahaparayan. To know more about How Baba not only ordered, and inspired but also gave practical exposure to MAHAPARAYAN, click here.

Be instruments of Baba. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and be a part of this HISTORICAL MONUMENTAL EVENT! After all, for Any Problem, One Solution, is our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba.


Meet the Team

Pooja Garg - President/Founder of Global MahaParayan

pooja garg

Founder of Global MahaParayan and President at Global Sai Foundation

Randall Stone

Creative Director

Elijah Arnold


the liked minded ones

United by Sathguru Sai Baba

Hetal Patil - Co-Founder of Global MahaParayan/Vice President of Global Sai Foundation and Founder of Sai Yug Network

Hetal Patil

Co-Founder of Global MahaParayan/Vice President of Global Sai Foundation and Founder of Sai Yug Network

Murali Kanna - Secretary of Global Sai Foundation

Murali Kanna

Secretary of Global Sai Foundation/CEO of Converzence Technologies (Digital Marketing Services)

Laveena Janardhan

Treasurer of Global Sai Foundation/Life Coach and Spiritual Healer at Counsel India