1) What is Sai Satcharitra Parayan?

Parayan means completing the reading of Sai Satcharitra book in a specified number of days, usually a week i.e., seven days or 51 days - by reading one chapter per day.

2) What Is Mahaparayan?

It is Group Satcharitra Parayan on a large scale. People all over the world participate in paying Tribute To Lord Shirdi Sai. It started on the 100th Anniversary Of Baba’s MAHASAMADHI. It is the Historical Monumental Event On Global Level.

3) When would Mahaparayan start?

Every Vijaya Dashami during (Dusherra), which otherwise is also Baba’s Mahasamadhi day.

4) What is to be done for Mahaparayan?

Every devotee has to read two chapters that are allotted to them every Thursday and once done, report on the WhatsApp group.

5) How and who will allot the parayan chapters?

You need not worry about this, MahaParayan Group members will allot your chapters. WhatsApp will be the standard platform for communication.

6) If not on WhatsApp, can email be used for communication?

No. Please do not send an email saying that you do not have WhatsApp number and request us to consider your entry with email-id. As there are lakhs of people involved, even if we want to, we cannot cater to individual needs. We need a common platform for group parayan for reporting and directing purposes. As WhatsApp is the most common, accessible, and easy to use app supported with WhatsApp calling required for global level, WhatsApp is mandatory.

7) While on menses, how do ladies read the Satcharitra?

At such times, ladies will have to read from mobile or pdf files or even Satcharitra’s apps. They may also ask someone else to read aloud and can listen. On the fourth day after a head bath, they can read from Satcharitra book too, else from mobiles or computers.

8) Till what time it should be read?

Ideally, it should be read before Thursday gets over. But as its on a global level, You can read and report before 7 PM as per your group Timezone. But I request all, if possible, to read and inform as early as possible as we have to track, check, and monitor thousands of devotees. It will really help us if you read soon.

9) I have a team of 48 people, how can I be the class teacher?

You may contact us on saivolunteers108@gmail.com for more details.

10) By when I shall be added to the WhatsApp group?

You shall be added to the WhatsApp group, as and when there are new groups formed for Parayan. Kindly have Saburi.

11) Why are we doing Mahaparayan?

To Pay Tribute To Lord Shirdi Sai.

12) What is unique about Mahaparayan?

Each one of us will make lakhs of parayans possible on a global level and 108 parayans on an individual level by reading just two chapters every Thursday for one year for our lovely Baba. Apart from this, Baba Himself has ordered, inspired, and has also shown the practical exposure. To know more, click here.

13) How would the candidates be selected?

Any incorrect information, especially your name and WhatsApp number, may reject your application.

14) What if I am traveling or I forget to read, then what should I do in the case?

It’s your moral responsibility to read two chapters allotted and report the same with your provided roll no and name, at the earliest every Thursday. This is the responsibility of each member of MahaParayan to carry out reading correctly. Then at all levels, the execution becomes smoother. If you fail to report, we consider it as unread and have to get those chapters read by someone else, which becomes complicated. As even if one chapter remains unread in a particular group, the parayan remains incomplete for that group, and efforts of everyone who has read are in vain towards parayan. So no matter where you go, it’s your responsibility for those two chapters to get them to read either yourself or any of your dear ones. If you allot to someone, its ok, but then you don’t complete your gift of 108 parayans for Baba during that year. If in case you read any chapter not allotted to you, it will not count your contribution. So kindly be alert and fulfill your part of the duty.

15) If I am traveling and there is time zone difference, then when do I read?

You should read according to the Thursday hours of the group in which you are allotted to, or else the rest of the members’ parayan would not get completed.

16) I have still many queries, who should I contact further?

I am sure with time, all your queries would be answered. For now, All you need to understand is every Thursday, you need to read the two allotted chapters and report them on the WhatsApp group.

17) There are 51 chapters in Sai Satcharitra, then why a group of 48 people?

We have considered paired 16-17, 18-19, 43-44 chapters as one chapter.

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