To get connected to MahaParayan emotionally and to strengthen your faith in it and Shirdi Sai Baba, we request you to kindly go through these articles.

1) Shirdi Sai Baba Finally Gave Orders For Mahaparayan

2) Lord Sai Baba, Himself Gave Me The Neem Leaf

3) How Baba Slowly Inspired The Thought Of Mahaparayan

4) Tests And Leelas During The Making Of Mahaparayan

5) Leelas Experienced By Members Of Mahaparayan

6) Baba Will Direct MAHAPARAYAN On Global Level

7) Now Baba Is Hinting And Inspiring To MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN

Most of you must be aware of the sacred book “Shri Sai Satcharitra.” I always call it the “The Magic Book” as it fulfills all our desires and wards off our problems because of its Enormous and Gigantic power! It is the book which was written by Shirdi Sai Baba Himself, through Shri. Hemadpant as a medium.

The first time we completed group parayan was on Baba’s Samadhi Day during Dasera, in 2016. Parayan means completing one reading of Sai Satcharitra’s book with love, faith, patience, and total surrender to Baba. He Himself gave the idea of a single-day group parayan and helped us implement it successfully. We divided 48 chapters among 48 people. (Although there are 51 chapters, we count the paired chapters as one). So each person by reading just one chapter allotted to them on Dasera actually contributed for one whole parayan. This Single day Parayan now formed the base of Mahaparayan (with only one group of 48 people). It was also Baba’s way of showing us the way to implement Mahaparayan on a global scale. 

Along similar lines, reading the entire Satcharitra with total surrender in 7 days to either fulfill our desire or just out of love for Baba, is called “Weekly Parayan.” Interested devotees can take up the weekly parayan to show their love and faith to Baba. 

108 for 2: 

Sounds exciting, huh? Let me assure you, it is as exciting as it seems. Shirdi Sai Baba attained His Samadhi on 15th Oct 1918, Tuesday, on the occasion of Dasera. Blessed are we that we had the opportunity to witness the Centenary Year Of Mahasamadhi in 2018 Dasera (19th Oct Friday), i.e., the completion of 100 Years Of Baba’s Mahasamadhi. We conceived the idea of starting Mahaparayan, where each devotee will dedicate 108 parayans to Baba with love, to mark the occasion. 

As a confirmation to go ahead with Mahaparayan, I saw a dream through the mirror, where Baba drew Hanumanji drawn out of Udi. Kindly go through the blogs mentioned above to know how this is made possible in detail. 

Although each one of us will actually complete just 2 parayans individually, in reality, our contribution is much more. When we read two chapters allotted to us every Thursday, each one of us would contribute to 108 parayans on a group level. And lakhs of parayan on a global scale, with every parayan day generating so many positive vibes over the globe every Thursday! This is what makes our love towards Baba a Mahaparayan in the real sense! 

Baba now is hinting at something really very BIG! 

A few days before Baba in His own inscrutable way showed a figure 6,04,66,176 and later as per my request (due to my doubting mind)  gave confirmation too for the same on the same day with two vehicles coming together at the same time and forming the same sequence. Isn’t this beyond our imagination? This figure was nothing but the number of devotees that would participate and be a part of MAHAPARAYAN globally. We, as one team with thousands of volunteers for Mahaparayan, have experienced so many Baba’s leelas. I now wish more members come together to form such teams so that we can help them to go about it. Baba would love to take this MAHAPARAYAN to an altogether different level, with crores of parayans in one year and individually 108 for each one of us! Who knew that what just started with 48 people from Kundan Nagar (a small area in Pune) for a single day group parayan during Dasera 2016, Baba was actually laying the foundation for MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN on a global scale! 

I know Baba, You always encourage good thoughts, and nothing is impossible for You! You always say that If God Is Your Partner Make Your Plans Big, and we all hope to witness Your beautiful Leela every Dushhera! 

As Sai Baba says, “You look to me, and I look to You.” 

Let us know those who are interested in forming their team of 48 members. Kindly email us at [email protected]. It will also somewhere help us with Baba’s upcoming Bigger project if Baba wishes. 

Summarising, MAHAPARAYAN started as a tribute to our Baba on the completion of the Centenary year in 2018. Now with permission from our Baba Who Is Our Everything, we are carrying Mahaparayan worldwide to make a difference in His devotees’ life. So don’t think even for a moment to be His instruments for the upcoming project MAHA-MAHAPARAYAN! For all who are part of parayan, trust us when we say this – Baba wants you to be part of His Upcoming Big Project. So what are you waiting for? Register! Grow and Help Grow. Be a part of this colossal event and grab this once in this lifetime opportunity and be a part of this HISTORICAL MONUMENTAL EVENT! 

After all – Any problem, one solution – SAI..!